Fortress Timeline

July 1

New Headquarters

Fortress Risk Management - Headquarters - Monument, Colorado

Due to tremendous growth, Fortress moves its headquarters into a new office building in Colorado Springs.

May 14

“How to Get The Hard To Get” Symposium

“How to Get The Hard To Get” Symposium

Todd, Paul, and Josh are keynote speakers at “How to Get The Hard To Get”: A TACTICAL SYMPOSIUM FOR FINANCIAL PROFESSIONALS, ESTATE PLANNERS, & CPAS in Las Vegas teaching financial professionals how to use captive insurance with their clients.

October 9

Key Sponsor: Life Insurance Case Design Summit

Key Sponsor: Life Insurance Case Design Summit

Fortress Risk is a key sponsor and headlines day three sessions covering Captive Insurance and Business Owner Estate Planning at the Life Insurance Case Design Summit in Las Vegas, NV drawing attorneys, CPAs, and financial advisors from across the nation.

August 21

U.S. Tax Court releases Avrahami opinion

U.S. Tax Court releases Avrahami opinion

The U.S. Tax Court releases it’s Avrahami opinion, resolutely confirming the Fortress Risk approach to risk management and captive insurance.

June 1

Josh Lunn Named COO

Josh Lunn

Josh Lunn joins Fortress Risk as its Chief of Operations, raising the bar even higher in professional management and client service.

February 1

Maximum Annual Premium Increases By 1M

Maximum Annual Premium Increases By 1M

Internal Revenue Code Section 831(b) raises the maximum annual premium from $2.2 million per year from $1.2 million (indexed) allowing more SMEs to benefit from captive insurance.
On the tail of the IRC revision, Fortress Risk officially becomes one of the largest captive insurance consulting firms in the nation, boasting 125 well-served clients.

February 1

Asked To Speak at Pinnacle Study Group

Paul and Todd present captive insurance planning strategies to the Pinnacle Study Group, an exclusive national consortium of financial advisors. Roundtable Advisory Group is formed.

April 1

captive insurance for dental warranties

Fortress Risk unveils captive insurance for dental warranties giving dental practices a new tool for funding warranties and for retaining patients.

March 1

Arrowhead Law & Planning Group

Paul forms Arrowhead Law & Planning Group, Inc. to provide nationwide services for captive insurance companies and their owners.

October 1

Speakers at CreditRe Symposium in Dallas, Texas

Paul and Todd have the honor to present captive insurance planning ideas at the annual CreditRe Symposium in Dallas, Texas. CreditRe is the industry leader in actuarial consulting and risk transfer solutions, serving five of the top ten banks and the largest credit union in the world.

March 1

Launch Of Fortress Risk Management

Fortress Risk Management, LLC launches with its unique brand of legal, insurance, and tax expertise.

January 1

Partnership With Paul Mason, ESQ

Partnership With Paul Mason, ESQ

Paul Mason, Esq. and Todd Bailey, J.D. independently attend Wealth Counsel’s Annual Symposium in Denver, Colorado. An illuminating breakout session on captive insurance leads to the creation of an important partnership and unique captive insurance consulting venture.

January 1

Signs First Client

Todd signs his first major captive insurance client—a benefits consulting and billing company based in the Northwest.

January 1

Introduced To Paul Griego, Founder of LodeStar RE

Paul Griego, Founder of LodeStar RE

Todd meets Paul Griego, an insurance industry veteran and the founder of LodeStar Re, marking the beginning of a long professional affiliation.

January 1

Searching For Scalable Captive Insurance Solutions

Todd attends his first major captive insurance conference in search of scalable captive insurance solutions.

December 17

Jay Adkisson’s Book

Jay Adkisson’s Book

Todd Bailey, J.D., M.Acc., makes his initial deep dive into captive insurance and reads Jay Adkisson’s book title Adkisson’s Captive Insurance Companies: An Introduction to Captives, Closely-Held Insurance Companies, and Risk Retention Groups to learn how to better solve risk management and tax issues for his clients.

October 22

Tax Reform Act Signed

1986 Tax Reform Act

The Tax Reform Act of 1986 opens the door for SMEs to use captive insurance as a risk management tool.

January 16

First Captive Insurance company formed

Fred Reiss

Frederic M. Reiss forms the first captive insurance company, Steel Insurance Company of America. Borrowing from the captive mines insured by Steel Insurance, Reiss coins the term ‘captive insurance.’